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Slow and Steady Wins the Race...

"I want it now."

A common sentiment in modern culture and society. Worship of youth has allowed this impatient childishness to be not only acceptable, but expected and cultivated from the bedroom to the boardroom. The need for having it fast has fueled the engines of mass production and greed in industry. Whether you are talking about fast fashion or fast food, it's all the same. I get irritated, down-right angry about the fast entertainment industry stealing my work and the work of others to turn a fast buck at our

expense...and I also carry a bit of smugness knowing that these slick sleazy celebrities talk out of both sides of their mouths; on one hand doing everything in their power to exploit real working artists to maintain their bank accounts and celebrity status and on the other hand whining about the the problems created by their greed, patting themselves on the back for pseudo-charitable photo-op appearances for pseudo-eco-woke-self-righteous causes used to beat the plebeian consumer into feeling bad about themselves for not being as pretty and buy whatever garbage product fill-in-the-name celebrity is promoting. I say to these people: YOUR TIME IS UP!

So I bide my time. I take my time. I move more slowly. I abide by the Slow Movement. I practice slow business. I participate in Slow Art. I hold true to my ethics, values, and conscience. I reject their fast methods of thievery and whoring. I avoid their products and media as much as I possibly can. A red carpet means nothing to me. Awards ceremonies congratulating obscenely rich nobodies for nothing all that remarkable accompanied by their plastic surgery riddled spouses and average children in designer cloths hold zero interest for me. Go ahead and buy your Little Mermaid sea-creature plushie then cry about the dying ocean. It would be better for the ocean if you just threw the dollar bills in the ocean than buying Disney's plastic poly-fiber-filled crap.

It's okay to take your time...I'm not talking about messing with someone's natural momentum...I'm talking about the sentiments and desires that cause us to rush. To choose quantity over quality. To choose pennies over the well being of people. There is so much waste in this World and as the saying goes, haste makes waste. No need to be hasty. Why rush towards death? Death will come soon enough for all of us.

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