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Do you live with chronic physical pain? You are not alone. 

Join us at 1UV on Social Mondays, 8AM to 9:30AMAM for

Chronic Pain Peer Circle. 

Doors close at 8:15AM.


2024 Dates: Jan. 8 & 22, Feb. 5 & 19, Mar. 4 & 8, Apr. 1 & 15, May 6 & 20, Jun. 3 & 17, No Social Mondays July through December.   

No RSVP required. You don’t need to share your name or anything about how you came to live with chronic pain. All ages welcome. Minors must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. Service animals and personal aids welcome too.


Agreement to mutual confidentiality is required.


This is not a gripe session, advice group, therapy, or a place to gather gossip. This is time in an anonymous judgment free zone to give voice to the ways living with chronic pain affects your daily life that persons without chronic pain may never think about. This is not a place to offer feedback or suggestions. Each attendee will write on a piece of paper a specific way chronic pain has altered their life in the last month in a way that has been heavy to carry. The papers will be folded and put in a bowl. Each attendee will pull a paper from the bowl and read what is written out loud. In this way we will maintain anonymity. 


This is a time to both hear and make a statement of personal truth.

If you are using a wheelchair or require other specific ADA accommodation: Handicapped parking is available and the door is wide enough for chair entry but if there will be more than one chair or you have other needs I may need to rearrange my studio depending on what work I have in-progress. If you are concerned there may be an issue, please call ahead before visitng. Thank you for understanding that this is my personal workspace AND I am more than happy to make reasonable accommodations to facilitate your visit. 

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