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Saratoga Downtown Community
Bulletin Board

1UV invites you to use A COMMUNITY BULLETIN BOARD. 

The new bulletin board is located in the covered alley between 1UV and Darla cafe at 15472 Big Basin Way. It is accessible for anyone to view at any time and is sheltered from the weather. The community bulletin board is financed, installed and moderated by 1UV Gallery Studio for benefit of the Saratoga Community. To have your flier, post card, or business card displayed on this bulletin board it must fit the following criteria: ​

  • demonstrate relevance to Saratoga local community

  • be for a local event or business

  • non-members of the Chamber of Commerce will have priority

  • fliers and business cards must be professionally printed, no hand written notes, letters, signs, or stickers

  • not be a sticker

  • fliers must include event/business title, date, location, cost (if any), contact name and information

  • no pornography or pornography services

  • fliers advertising teen businesses (ie. babysitting or dog walking services, etc..) or youth events must be submitted in person by a parent or guardian for posting

  • no larger than 8.5"x11" 

  • must be in English

Items for posting will be accepted in person during regularly posted hours or via the mail slot on the 1UV front door. Leaving items in the mail slot does not guarantee a spot on the board. Space on the board is first come first serve. Items posted without permission will be removed regardless of whether or not they fit the criteria and the person or organization being advertised will be banned from future posting. 

The table and chairs in this photo are the property of 1UV Gallery-Studio. Yes. YOU are welcome to sit here for up to two hours free of charge. There are only 2 conditions to use these table and chairs:

  • You may not use any electronic devices while sitting here. No phone. No headphones. No video games. No laptop.

  • You must clean up after yourself. Do not leave trash or any kind of mess.

Consider these activities instead of looking at your phone or other electronic device: 

  • Write in a journal.

  • Draw in a sketch book.

  • Read a book, magazine or newspaper.

  • Enjoy your carry-out from any of the eateries.

  • People watch.

 Whatever you do…have a 1UV a kind day. -Larissa


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