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Artist self Portrait, holidays 2023

Why Should You Become A 1UV a kind Patron/Matron?

Art History, Tradition, & Culture

The word “Patron” comes from the Latin “pater” meaning father and “Matron” comes from the Latin “mater” meaning mother. In English, the word “patron” means a sponsor or financial backer of an individual, business, or organization. To be a Patron of the Arts is a long tradition with Global roots. For example, the Medici are a family very famous for their patronage of the Arts. Patronage has long been recognized as necessary for the support and propagation of Culture. Here in the United States it has never been more important than right now.


As a melting pot of individuals from varied ethnicities and Cultures of origin, it is important to find and build a common American Culture informed and enriched by the places we have come from to create the place we are together. One way this can be achieved is through support of Art and Artists and making conscious choices about how and why we spend. A specific work of Art may not be the kind of thing you desire or require in your day to day living space but the environment created by and long-term function of that work of Art still serves humanity. Supporting Art and Artists in your local community is humanitarian. It is intellectual. It is noble. It is necessary for the preservation of the history of the times we live in. 


I recognize you may not like the aesthetic of my work. That doesn’t bother me in the least. This is why I offer the community other services and opportunities to support the existence of my business, 1UV. After all, creative endeavor and exploration is ultimately the record keeper of truth and beauty, the foundation of the Culture we build together for the good of All.


Services and enrichments I bring to the community where I pay to have my business include: chronic pain peer group (free of charge), various (sober) intellectual social events for less than the cost of going to the movies, ReiKi services, creative and spiritual consultation, bulletin board, community seating, space for taking a break from technology, organizing of Slow Art Day events, publishing 1UV MONTHLY, the Fur Babes of Saratoga Calendar, and a point of interest for those visiting the community from out of town. An Art Gallery is an attraction for people to come visit and play and ultimately contribute to the economy of the community. Purchasing a piece of Art is the best and most welcome way to support an Artist, such as myself, but Patronage/Matronage is a close second. A facelift can make you feel younger. A restaurant may feed your belly and a bar may wet your whistle, but Art feeds your mind and soul while enriching the community in which you live, work and play. That’s pretty cool if you ask me.


1UV is not a non-profit, so Patronage/Matronage is not tax deductible. Non-profit status requires an elected board. 1UV is a one woman owned sole proprietorship. I am Larissa. I am that woman. 1UV is a California small business. We are an endangered species in California. 1UV embraces Slow Philosophy. There are a lot of reasons to become a 1UV a kind Patron/Matron. I offer you this 1UV a kind invitation to support my efforts and build Culture in your community.

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