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1UV Gallery-Studio is a new concept in Art Gallery structure and economics. 1UV practices slow-business, something that may sound old-fashioned but is needed to create a sustainable future for our Planet and Communities. The concept of 1UV is this: a Gallery where everything is made by one person, is 1UV a kind or 1UV a limited series, not mass produced, where you buy directly from the designer/maker/craftsperson/artist, and environmental sustainability and sensitivity to Global Climate Change is addressed in concept, aesthetic, and/or fabrication process. The Gallery aims to be a functioning and integrated part of the local community in which it is located; a brick and mortar store front promoting human compassion, creativity and interaction through the vehicle of the sale of Art, Art-object, and Creative social events. Does this sound like something you would like to do or be a part of?  

1UV Gallery-Studio Membership Affiliation will entitle the the Member Gallery to a listing in a published Member Directory with link to your website, 1/4 page ad in 1UV Quarterly, use of the 1UV logo and Gallery Name. The original 1UV Gallery-Studio will be promoted as 1UV Gallery-Studio. Member Galleries will be: 1UV Gallery-Studio: name of artist here. As Membership grows benefits will expand (print catalog, annual networking retreat, etc…). Why join now? Because there's strength in numbers and independant Artists have the power to change the World.

To be eligible to become a 1UV Member Gallery you must meet the following requirements:

  • be a working Art studio and exhibition space for one (person) Fine Artist/Fine Craftsperson

  • maintain a physical bulletin board for use of the community in which you are located

  • your work must be hand fabricated/made, one of a kind or limited series, no mass production, feature use of up-cycled, recycled, vintage, and/or antique materials and/or in some way conceptually and/or physically address issues related to Climate Change

  • offer creative social events at least once a quarter for youth and/or adults

  • operate within the legal constructs of the community in which you are located

  • not be closer than 50 miles from another 1UV Gallery-Studio Member Gallery

  • incur all liability, and operating licenses/costs of your business

  • not engage in the sale of pornography (nude work OK, we as artists know the difference here), alcohol, cannabis, or any controlled substance

  • pay an initial Membership fee of $500 to 1UV Gallery Studio (for the first year) then 3% of annual gross sales every year after

  • maintain a (reciprocating) web link to the 1UV Gallery-Studio Membership Directory page on your website as well as on any materials for print, publication and promotion

  • Commit to practicing Slow Business and participate in Slow Art Day annually

Read all this? Interested?

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