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1UV a kind gift-giving

High ticket Art isn't in everyone's budget, but you can find 1 UV a kind Art-items fit for modest budgets too.

We all have a 1UV a kind person in our lives. Stop in 1UV and find...

Fur Dad Kitty Opinions T-Shirt $125

An Assortment of 1UV a kind graphic Men's T-shirts

Larissa used black, white and grey men's size large PACT brand T-shirts to create her 1UV a kind graphic Ts. Each T-shirt truly is 1 UV a kind. There are no two alike and no mass production. Each T is signed by the artist.

$125 + tax each


Assorted 1UV a kind Jewelry

Find just the right piece of 1UV a kind earrings, necklace and earring sets for your someone special.

Prices vary from $15+ tax and up depending on item.

Assorted jewelry by Larissa
hand made watercolor journals and bookmarks by Larissa

Journals & Bookmarks

Give the literature enthusiast in you life the gift of a hand-made journal or 1UV a kind painted bookmark. Choose from bookmarks and journals adorned with watercolor salt paintings inspired by images from the James T. Webb space telescope and handmade dyed recycled paper with Icelandic lichen inspired by Icelandic volcanic activity. 

$18 to $175 +tax


1UV a Kind Note Cards

Choose from 1UV a kind hand made paper note cards and unique printed photo cards featuring photography and images of Art works by Larissa.

$15 and up +tax

Handmade cards by Larissa
Anti-cellulite Butt Scrub by Larissa

Anti-Cellulite Butt Scrub

Give an evening of smooth cheeks to share with your special someone. Larissa's butt scrub is made of ground coffee, Dead Sea Salts, olive and vitamin E oil. Use to reduce the appearance of cellulite or add to bath water for an over all invigorating skin experience.



Recycled Yoga Blocks

Larissa makes yoga blocks and bolsters from recycled textiles. Bring in your textiles to be recycled into a custom set or purchase these yoga blocks.

$75+tax per set of blocks

Custom bolsters start at $150 + tax.

Recycled Yoga Blocks by Larissa
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