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DREAMSCAPES - a lucid series

This new series features 12  40" by 40" oil paintings on canvas depicting images from the various lucid, episodic, and re-occurring dreams I have had throughout my life. The series also includes 12 10" by 10" oil crayon on paper studies, accompanying original poems and jewelry sets inspired by the pallets of each image. The studies and poems have been collected in the newly published limited edition book, Dreamscapes Volume I (see below). Volume II is available only by special order. A proof copy is on hand at 1UV.  Volume two includes images of the paintings and accompanying jewelry as well as more description of the dreams from which the images originate. A soft cover edition titled: DREAMSCAPES a lucid exploration in creativity includes images of the entire series.


Dreams are powerful. Dreams are meaningful.

I invite you to have a peek into the vivid world on my pillow, behind my closed eyes. 

Visit 1UV to see the works in person.

Blank Canvass on easel.jpg


Like the painters of history that have come before me, I mix my paints from pigment. Using this traditional technique I am able to achieve the color saturation, texture and density I require to translate with sensitivity the intense subject and object matter in my work. Working from pigment connects me to the tradition of painting in a way you can never squeeze from a tube. Visit 1UV and see for yourself the difference. 

Volume I & Volume II

Volume I is an 18 page hard cover full color limited edition print book and includes introduction by the artist, images of the 12 studies for the 12 oil paintings for the series Dreamscapes, paired with an original poem describing the dreams from which the images originate

Volume II is a 62 page hard cover full color book that includes introduction by the artist, images of the 12 paintings and  12 jewelry sets (based on painting color palette) paired with another original poem describing the dream from which the image originates 


all content is by Larissa

printed using Vistaprint

all copies are signed by the Artist 

currently available for purchase ONLY at 1UV Gallery Studio

Volume I:  $100 USD + tax (copies on hand @ 1UV)

Volume II: $200 USD + tax (special order only)

Dreamscapes Vol I and Vol II.
Blank Canvass on easel.jpg
Dreamscapes: a lucid exploration in creativity

DREAMSCAPES: a lucid exploration in creativity

This 86 page full color soft cover book includes introduction by the artist, all 12 studies, paintings, jewelry sets and 24 poems that comprise the entire series of DREAMSCAPES, plus a short biography of the artist.


All content by Larissa.

Printed using

All copies signed by the artist.

Only available for purchase at 1UV Gallery Studio.


$95 USD + tax  (copies on hand at 1UV)

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