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Starting September 2023


Social Mondays at 1UV require no prior experience, certification, education, talent, skill, or ability. The doors are closed 15 minutes after start time. Exact change (in cash) accepted at the door or purchase your 8 session pass using your credit or debit card in person at 1UV during regular business hours. Well behaved socialized dogs are welcome for Reiki. Dogs LOVE Reiki. So… 

What are dates of Social Mondays at 1UV?

Every other Monday:

September 11 & 25, October 9 & 23, November 6 & 20

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Limit of 3 participants. Receive a 10 minute tarot reading choose from one of three different decks.


I have been a certified Reiki M/T since 2006. Reiki is an ancient Healing Art credited to Usui Sensei from Japan. Drop in for a 15 minute treatment, no questions asked. Limited to 7 participants. You receive a personal 15 minute treatment in order of arrival. Participants welcome to remain in the space for the entire session.

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Have some good old fun playing classic improv games and reading Plato (The Republic, Symposium, etc.) out-loud with new friends and strangers. Philosophically grow your creativity having a good laugh in a judgment-free space. No theater or acting experience is necessary. Reading material  provided. 


Do you have a regular writing practice? Have a novel or poetry chap book in progress? Or maybe an essay you’re working on? Come share with other writers. Each participant will have the opportunity to share their work and receive feedback if they desire. All works must be original. Limit of 5 participants.

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Dreamscapes 3 painting spread.jpg


Are you a creative person? Do you have a project you’ve been working on  and would like to share with other creative people? Bring your finished or in progress project to receive and offer feed back with kindred spirits. Feedback is invaluable to the creative process. Limit of 4 Participants. Limit of 1 work per participant per session.

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Drop-In, Register Online or Buy an Event Pass Card…

$20 cash at the door or stop in 1UV during regular business hours (Wednesday, Friday, Saturday 10AM-6PM)  to purchase an 8 time pass card for $140. That’s one session for free! Teens 16 & up welcome with participating parent.

Limited space, first come basis. Save your spot. Pre-register for individual sessions on (check back soon for active link). Doors locked 15 minutes after start time. No intoxication, recording devices/photography, strong fragrances/odors or pets. Passes are good for all drop-in events for 2023.  2024 Event Passes will be available starting Black Friday. Bottled water included in purchase.

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