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Porcupine Says: Porcupine spoken here

Porcupine Says...

The porcupine is a wonderful little creature! So cute...but don't mistake that cuteness for weakness. The porcupine is non-aggressive but has no problem defending itself if attacked or seriously threatened.

The porcupine is also the mascot of the third largest political party in the United States, the Libertarian Party. Larissa is a registered Libertarian voter in California. Since recently being informed that some people were avoiding her business because they believed she was a Republican and yet others were avoiding her business because they thought she was a Democrat, Larissa began the sandwich board sign series: Porcupine Says, in an effort to raise awareness that there are more than two political parties in the US. There are more than 2 CHOICES! Porcupine Says does not aim to condemn, convert, recruit or persuade. Porcupine Says only seeks to inform. On this page you will find images of all the Porcupine Says sandwich board signs as they are shared with the public.

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