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2024 Annual Lenten Series:


Religious and non-religious communities alike love to malign and belittle those who have any interest in Astrology. The reality is, Astrology is the precursor of both religion and astronomy. Both religion and astronomy are still intertwined with the practice of Astrology and the search for life's meaning among the movement of the stars and planets through the heavens surrounding our tiny planet home, Earth.  The placement of Easter in the liturgical calendar is based on the lunar calendar, as is the placement of Ramadan, Lunar New Year and many other holidays of spiritual significance across the Globe. The Houses of the Zodiac have different names in Eastern (Oriental) and Western (Occidental) traditions as well as different cultural meanings. But in both cases the number of houses remains the same, 12. 12 is an auspicious number, used to mark the months of the year, inches in a foot, number of donuts in a box, and the number of disciples of Jesus Christ, just to name a few.


Through the years I have made a lot of women's clothes, mostly because I began garment making for myself. This year I made the decision to focus on making garments for the male form featuring the Western Zodiac. This year's Lenten Series is called: Zodiackets. The garments are designed for the male form, but any are welcome to wear them. Like the jackets I have made in the recent past, the pattern of my Zodiackets is inspired by the gender non-specific traditional Japanese garment/robe, the Kimono. In preparation and study for this series I have also been working with a male figure model for some figure drawing and I also made a set of 1UV a kind men's graphic T-shirts showcasing the zodiac sign templates I made for the jacket graphics. Look for a photo spread of the jackets modeled by some of the lovely gentlemen who work in Saratoga in the June 2024 issue of 1UV MONTHLY.



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