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The Third Media Study & a return to the North Bay - some things can finally be put to rest

Yesterday I completed the third media study for the new series I am working on. No. I still do not have a title for this series. The whole process is full of 1sts for me. I've never been this far in a new series without at least having a working title. It's a little like walking a tight rope without a net, or climbing a steep rocky cliff without a harness. I've never done it before and it feels a little scary. But just as an experienced climber believes they will reach the top safely I have faith that an appropriate title will present itself to me. I've never been a fan of work listed as "untitled" and have no intention of this series or the pieces being labeled as such. I've always felt artists who left work as "untitled" were lazy, selfish and condescending. The artist owes it to the work of Art AND the viewer to title a work in some way, just as a parent owes it to their child and those the child meets in life to give them a name. I've just never gone this long without knowing how to call my work. Like I said. It's a first. Yes. My concept is fully formed. I know what the series is ABOUT, and for right now that's what's most important. Otherwise it might be easy to get lost and waste money on the wrong supplies and other stuff...

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