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New Blog. Initial Thoughts...

For the past 15 years I have had a number of different blogs. When I first launch the website for 1UV Gallery-Studio I had no intentions of adding a blog to the site. But time changes and things evolve and a blog seems relevant to my work. So, here it is. A new blog called "Critical Thought".

Critical thinking is a skill that for a small number of people is a natural part of their daily process. For most it is a learned skill. In a post-pandemic World, the enormous lack of critical thinking skills screams like a Banshee in the face of Celtic warriors. In fact, I believe part of the structure of the systematic lock-down instituted by governments all over the globe during the pandemic was an intentional tactic to quash critical thinking among the general population to ensure obedience and distraction from blatant lies. But, government sneakiness and hypocrisy is not the topic of this post.

Because everyone is now so afraid to offend or be offended lest they be "cancelled" or ostracized or excluded or even imprisoned few venture to truly speak their minds. A new homogenized and sterilized media has emerged as the standard of acceptability and normalcy. If you don't accept and celebrate the media hot-dog fed to you by the obscenely rich autocrats, whether they be head of industry or State, you are labeled as mentally ill in need of Biden-era "healing"; a brain-washing of shiny-happy pharmaceutically induced yes-man obedience. This Biden-era "healing" tells you if you question you are sick, if you are not happy with the government you are sick, if you don't want government dictating every aspect of your life you are sick. But not to worry! There is a specialist with a pill or needle who can "help" you heal from your "illness".

Critical thought is the skill that urges us to question and form our own opinions based on our lived experience in addition to that which we have learned through study. Critical thought fuels creativity and innovation. It envelopes us in a space where it is OK to be different, even is celebrated. It opens the creative mind to explore the possibility of that which they created could be better and encourages them to try again. It forces the creative mind to consider the ethical and moral implications of the act of creating. Just because you CAN do something does not always mean you SHOULD do something.

In this new blog my posts will focus on the critical thought process that informs my work. I still believe in the irreplaceable role of the Artist and Gallery in a healthy society. I do not believe AI can fill that role AND society be healthy at the same time. Nor can the Artist and Gallery fill that role AND exist in a healthy society under dictatorship of ANY kind. I invite you to follow my new blogging endeavor. I challenge you to engage in critical thought where is OK to disagree or dislike. You just need to be able to clearly articulate why.

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