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What is an abortion?

An abortion is the intentional termination of a pregnancy. To ban abortion is to impose a religious belief through legislation because anti-choice philosophy is based on the belief that the human soul is present in a fetus. Belief in a human soul requires a religious conviction. Banning abortion places the value of the fetus (a potential human life) over the woman (an ACTUAL human life) in whom the fetus gestates.

I am not pro-abortion. I am pro-choice. Pregnancy is a personal and intimate experience that is used to commodify, manipulate and segregate women into a cast system of the most valuable to the least valuable like live-stock. It is de-humanizing, degrading, and oppressive to deny the inherent value of the woman by denying her the right to choose for herself whether or not to bring a potential human physically dependent upon her body to term.

Forget all the religious arguments. They are truly irrelevant. For the sake of level playing ground let us pretend a fetus is more valuable than a living breathing woman. Let me pose this to those of you who blatantly and cruelly treat women as livestock to be herded and bred at the whim of a human animal that ejaculates:

How do you reconcile ANY type of military service AND espouse anti-choice rhetoric? Is rape not a tactic of war? Is it not an international war crime? Is war not legislated murder of human life even made compulsory in the event of a draft? Is the "conscientious objector"not convicted and sentenced to prison? How is military service not only legal but CELEBRATED with pomp if a woman is not permitted the right to decide the enemy seed inside her body is not welcome or desired to gestate to birth? Forget the woman who dies from ectopic pregnancy. Forget the small number of sluts who use abortion like birth control. Forget the sex-trafficked child, the sex-slave. Forget the millions of children neglected and abused across the globe. How do ANY of you who call yourselves "pro-life" reconcile the elevation of soldier to the heights of hero AND criminalize the woman who does not want a particular seed to grow within her body? I especially pose this to those women among the group of anti-choice...particularly those of you who have had children and were so greedy and selfish as to choose to work outside of the home, passing your duties as mother and primary care giver off onto someone else simply to serve your ego. Shame on you. Shame on you all.

Coat hangers kill women. History has taught us this.

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