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P/Matronage Has It's Benefits...

I have been blogging for decades now. Over the years my blogging has ran the gamut of topics and genre...everything from poetry and fiction, to culinary exploration, to personal interest and self help to serious journalism. Yes. At one point I did work for I quit because the editor twisted my writing to say things that I did not believe and I didn't get paid for every article I wrote...only the ones she decided to publish, and that wasn't much - only $50 an article. I've always been a prolific writer. Over the years I have journaled, kept diaries and sketchbooks and written a number of novels, collections of poetry and short stories and an autobiographical anthropological culinary text. I started doing a public video diary and posting it to YouTube after I had journals and sketchbooks stolen from the live/work loft we rented at The Cotton Mill Studios in Oakland where I had my first gallery, The Clock Tower Studio/Gallery. I figured if I was sooooooo interesting that my journals were something to steal that I would just post publicly so no one had any reason to violate me anymore. After years of posting my video diary on my YouTube Channel I am now posting it here on my blog so I can monetize my content and be able to see who interacts with my media. I am tired of my intellectual property being co-opted by the industry and YouTube telling me that I'm not allowed to make money form that which I produce. Some of my blog posts will remain free to read/consume while others will be available for those who purchase subscriptions or a P/Matronage package. I will post my first video diary entry to Critical Thought and see how things go. If you want fake AI crap look elsewhere. I'm offering honest human expression.

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