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Having a working studio/exhibition space is an interesting balance. Yes. 1UV is my Artist's studio AND it's a point of sale store front on a small downtown main street. It means I balance both my conceptual work with making other items that are more price accessible to a wider audience. At the end of the day 1UV is a retail shop and if you are in retail you know that the Fall/Winter holidays are time to make some sales. So, I've been thinking about and making items that are 1UV worthy and priced to sell for holiday gifts.

That being said...I don't want to make just any old thing-a-ma-bobs. The objects I make need to meet my standards of being well made, aesthetic, useful, contextually appropriate, and intriguing. This year, in addition to the already existing jewelry, journals, stationary, book marks, Art books, and butt scrub and 1UV will have limited edition holiday cards, the Fur Babes of Saratoga 2024 Calendar, In My Kitchen On MyTable (my original limited print cookbook), and...CREEPY BABY JEWELRY! There's bound to be something for that family member or friend who marches to the beat of their own drum.

Of course, you are more than welcome to purchase a painting or a garment but it's nice to have smaller items for the holiday season too...even CREEPY BABIES.

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