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1/30/24 Video Diary - More Proof Someone Is Hacked Into My Personal Devices

After recording the following video diary clip this morning the clip was miraculously available immediately. If you watch the clip you'll understand why that's so very interesting. I'm not sure why it's OK to abuse me in this way. I guess it's because I'm considered sub-human by the government and most people...

I have made this post available to the public. Not all of my blog posts are available to the public. Like I said in a recent private post, I almost always film my video diary immediately upon waking in the morning. I don't do an entry every day. I have been doing the video diary for a number of years now. Originally I posted them on YouTube. I started doing this because in addition to original Art, blue prints, photographs, panties, food, tools, groceries, baptismal certificate, and personal holiday mailing list, I have had sketchbooks, diaries and journals stolen. I figured if I was tat interesting I would just post the damn thing publicly. In doing that I have had all kinds of intellectual property stolen and YouTube refuses to allow me to monetize my channel. So moving my diary to my business website where I have control over the content has been my solution. Sometimes I talk about some interesting stuff. You might enjoy getting a subscription. Click this link for plans and pricing.

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