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On Becoming Less Accessible, Vlogging, Works In Progress, Lenz Arts Santa Cruz, and Warriors Mr. Klay Thompson

I have been sharing content online for decades. But that's not special. Lots of people share as much as I do and more...way I do try to offer content that does not rot your brain or tear at the seams of society. I try to make Art and media WORTH consuming and for a long time now it has been free of charge. On top of that, I have had my personal accounts and property violated by hackers and thieves looking for a way, any way to find something to get me in trouble or prove that I am something other than what I say I am or to simply humiliate me. Theft of my journals and sketchbooks is why I started publishing my diary publicly to begin with. But no one cares about this. Now, after years of being abused by entertainment industry, social media and social media platform companies always taking taking taking and me not receiving anything as compensation for my work, I am taking my power back and it feels good. Making my Art and media has never been a popularity contest for me. It's been about human decency, historical record and the intellectual pursuit of Art, Art Object and authentic journalistic media, even if that media is op-ed. I've never gotten tons of views regularly and now that I am posting some of my media for pay on my website I will most likely get even fewer and possibly none...but I don't care. At least I'm not an industry slave anymore.'s today, January 14, 2024's video diary:

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