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Slow Art is coming to Saratoga 2024

Slow Art Day is an international event that happens every April. Larissa has participated pre-1UV ownership, and 1UV participated in 2023 bringing Slow Art to Saratoga for the first time. And guess's free to participate. You can learn more about Slow Art Day on their website.


In 2024 Slow Art Day is scheduled for April 13. 1UV is organizing a Saratoga Village-wide Slow Art Day event, and there is room for everyone. Are you a Saratoga artist interested in exhibiting? Are you a Saratoga venue interested in providing space for an artist to exhibit Art? Are you a Saratoga Art space already exhibiting Art? Are you a Saratoga restaurant or wine-tasting room interested in hosting post-viewing discussion? Are you a Saratoga museum or historical site? Are you from a local club or organization that wants to help support this event in any way you can? There is a role for everyone on Slow Art Day. Slow Art Day is a time to slow down and experience Art in an intentional way with others. I promise you it's an experience you will never forget. Let's start organizing. Use the form below or email Larissa directly at to set up a time to meet and discuss the possibilities.

Let’s Work Together

Let's make Slow Art Day 2024 a success in Saratoga...

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