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This Is My Religion...

I was raised Catholic. I went to Catholic School. I received all my Sacraments. I've participated in Mass both a congregant and choir. But after all these years I can no longer in good Conscience participate or attend. I have been abused by clergy and community both because I am pro-choice. I have tried attending other Christian churches and non-Christian services and have found the same petty issues. I just don't trust any of them. Even in the face of their differences they are all the same. So...I am stating my truth today and beginning the journey of formally forming my own system of Faith.

This is what I believe:

  • Jesus was a real man with a real story. His story has been altered and manipulated over the years to serve the agendas of people who seek to oppress and control. That action is in direct opposition to the message of Jesus as I have come to understand it. I can have a relationship with Jesus without the need to force Him in to any particular box or definition. No one living today was living when His life was current events so no one can say with certainty anything about Him. He is/was wise and compassionate.

  • I believe in something bigger than myself. I believe in a Higher Power/Divinity that connects all Beings.

  • I believe there are many Worlds and Dimensions and that our physical form is finite, but that we possess a Soul that is eternal and part of/connected to the Higher Power/Divinity and that Soul can move between these Worlds/Dimensions when the finite physical form expires.

  • I believe in re-incarnation as a systemic cycle of the one Soul.

  • There is only one race, the human race.

  • All HumanBeings are equal. Gender does not separate or make us better than another.

  • Marriage is between two consenting adults that are no more closely related than 2nd cousin.

  • Higher Power/Divinity is best experienced or encountered through the creation and/or appreciation of Art.

  • Art manifests in many forms including but not limited to: Visual, Performance, Literary, and Culinary.

  • Non-violence is a choice and the highest expression of humanitarian Love.

  • Humans are animals and all animals possess some form of Consciousness.

  • Higher Power/Divinity and knowledge can be accessed through mystical and meditative practice.

  • This planet is a gift to our species.

  • Sensuality/sexuality is a gift to our species that is only meant to happen in a consensual manner between adults.

  • Conversion is something that can never be compelled. It is a state of heart that is personal and private.

  • There is a healing power in consensual non-sexual human touch.

  • Slavery in all forms is an abomination.

  • Class systems in all forms are an abomination.

  • Children are gifts to be protected and respected, but are not an obligation to have. Pro-creation is a biological function, not a moral obligation.

  • I believe in the autonomy of the individual and all forms of "intervention" are co-dependency.

  • I believe in Choice on all levels.

There is more to my system of belief, but this is a starting point. I don't believe there is any religion that this fits into. My personal religious worship/practice is the making of my Art and the pursuit of truth, beauty, and gnosis. My Art is my deepest expression of my encounter with Divinity. It is my Vocation.

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