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Food For Thought For Arrogant Tech Types

When the tech/science/pharma/etc... industries have finally made living on this planet impossible for the entirety of our species... and all society collapses...and there is no electricity left to run your electronic devices and is those of us who have studied other things that will know how to actually make the things any remaining humans need to survive. Do you think such people will be interested in helping/supporting those of you who stole from us and treated us as inferior?

It is technology that is destroying society. It is technology and consumption that is making the environment such that it is difficult for human survival. Driving an electric car that has a larger carbon foot print to manufacture than a gas-powered car then traveling all over the globe in planes and jets for shits a giggles isn't admirable.

Titanium dioxide mining (for solar panels) is one of the largest contributors to the deforestation of the rainforest as well as the destabilization of economies in South American countries.

Do you know what the two tools in the cover photo of this post are called, what they are specifically used for, how they work, and/or how they are made? Or why that's important to know?

Just some food for thought.

My suggestion is to carefully consider how you've been spending your money and how you treat those of us who are not in your industry. Just sayin'.

PS. I know not every single person in tech is this kind of asshole...but far too many of you are.

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