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How'd you make that?

I'm currently working on a photography series called FILTERED. The series, about the importance of transparency in photography used to market products in advertising and social media influencing in the age of Artificial Intelligence, and understanding (or lack thereof) of how things are made, consists of digital photographic images that have not been altered in anyway from the original image as it was taken with a Pixel 6A camera lens other than cropping. Not all images in the series have been/will be cropped. No filters, lighting, color, sharpening, other alterations, or AI technologies have been used to create the image. The first two people who can tell me either/or:

1) what is the the object matter featured in the image following this text, and/or

2) how was the image created

will receive one of two of the remaining 1UV 2024 Anniversary T-shirts AND a framed and signed print of the contest image. The answers AND the full gallery of series images with option to purchase framed prints will be revealed once winners are notified or on October 31, 2024, whichever comes first.

Rules & Restrictions: This contest will remain open until  two winners are established OR October 30, 2024, whichever comes first. You may enter as many times as you wish and there is no age restriction. To win, contest participants must answer at least one of the two questions correctly AND have a physical mailing address within the continental United States. No PO Boxes. Prizes will be shipped via UPS to the address provided in the contest submission. Keep scrolling for images, additional prize information and exclusive online submission form.

From Filtered Series.jpg

The image left is a digital photographic composition from the series: FILTERED

The only alteration made to this image has been cropping from the original landscape format image into a 1:1 square.

Less than 40% of the original image has been excluded from frame.

The image right features some contest prizes.

Two of the three original 2024 1UV Gallery Studio Anniversary T-shirts in the image right remain available: the one featured center right with silver lettering and the one far right with the black lettering. Both shirts feature a 1UV a kind burn-out graphic printed on PACT 100% organic cotton men's T-shirt, size large, and are signed by the artist.

List price of $125USD + tax each.

Enter the contest using the form below. 

1UV 2024 Anniversary shirts.jpg

Let's play: How'd You Make That?

You're contact info:

Winner's first name, city and State of residence will be listed published in 1UV's bi-monthly e-newsletter, in a future issue of 1UV MONTHLY, and on

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